UnCorked is Rancho Santa Margarita’s exclusive wine bar where you can go to enjoy great wines and delicious small plates with friends in a fun and inclusive atmosphere. This welcoming wine bar and boutique is located in the heart of the El Paseo Plaza. Uncorked offers you an extensive selection of fine wines, small vineyard wines, and accessories.

Kerry Doherty


One of the things that sets Uncorked Wine Bar apart from other wine bars is Kerry’s commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all her customers. She understands that the world of wine can sometimes feel intimidating and exclusive, and she wants to change that. Kerry is always happy to chat with her customers about wine, answering questions and sharing her knowledge in a friendly and approachable manner. In fact, Kerry often gives her customers a valuable piece of advice: “don’t be afraid to try something new”. By trying new things and expanding your palate, you may discover a new favorite wine that you never would have tried otherwise. Kerry encourages her customers to be adventurous and open-minded when it comes to wine, and she’s always happy to recommend something new and exciting. And with her friendly and approachable demeanor, you’ll feel right at home as you explore the wonderful world of wine. So, don’t hesitate to stop by Uncorked and try something new today!